Call For Abstract

Track 01Traditional Medicine

Track 02Acupuncture

Track 03Integrative and Complementary Medicine

Track 04Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Track 05Nursing and pharmacy practice

Track 06Holistic Medicine

Track 07Anthroposophic and alternative medicine

Track 08Internal or General Medicine

Track 09Indigenous or Tribal Medicine

Track 10Aromatherapy

Track 11Exercise and Physical therapy

Track 12Ayurveda-The Science of Eight Components

Track 13History and Evolution of Traditional and Complementary Medicine

Track 14Homeopathic Medicine

Track 15Arabic Medicine and Hijama Cupping Therapy

Track 16Unani Medicine

Track 17Phytochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Track 18Naturopathic Medicine

Track 19Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Track 20Natural products and Pharmaceutical Drugs

Track 21Siddha and Unani System